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New 6-8 Aug 2021 Dates & Crowd Cover Pledge

This is a very important announcement, so put on your seatbelts & please read it all. We’re asking you to come on a journey with us to make the best possible Brainchild Festival happen this year, and it will only work if you’re all on board.  

New Dates: 6-8 August 2021

After a lot of consideration, we’ve decided to postpone Brainchild Festival by one month. We wanted so much for our original July weekend to work, but for a multitude of reasons, these new dates will give us the best possible chance of delivering an un-compromised Brainchild. 

We hope with all our hearts that those of you who have tickets are able to make these new dates, but we know that this will sadly mean some of you are no longer able to join us. We’ll be so, so sorry to see you go, and you’ll of course be offered a full refund. Please read on for instructions on how to request one. 

Crowd Cover Pledge 

You’ll probably have seen the devastating cancellations of Boomtown, Beat-herder & Shambala in recent weeks. This is because, despite the hardcore campaigning of the sector, our dismal government have refused to make Covid-19 specific cancellation insurance available for live events. 

This lack of insurance means that no matter how rosy the roadmap looks, if the absolute worst case scenario happened (e.g. a new lockdown or sudden change in restrictions that forced us to cancel in the days/weeks beforehand), we’d be unable to claim back the huge sums we had spent on producing the festival. 

Facing this stark reality, without support from the Culture Recovery Fund (see our 7th April post), we’ve been placed in an impossible position.

But we refuse to give up on the festival for ANOTHER year before we’ve tried our one last hope and lifeline: a radical, collective solution, only possible because of our size and the strength & values of this community…

We’re asking everyone who has tickets for Brainchild Festival 2021 (and who can make our August dates) to agree to new terms that mean only half of their ticket will be refundable in the event of a Covid-19 cancellation, and the other half is something new: a non-refundable ‘Crowd Cover Pledge’. 

This non-refundable pledge is the essential key we need to continue planning from this point on. This is our way of entering into a transparent understanding with you that if a Covid curveball forced us to cancel late in the day, we would only be able to refund half of your money, given that the other half will have already been spent on essential deposits & pre-event work.

How it will work: 

  1. All ticket-holders need to login to their TicketSellers account to read and opt-in to our new Terms & Conditions by the 23rd May, agreeing to make half of their ticket a non-refundable Crowd Cover Pledge. Please check your email (and junk folder!) for instructions
  2. Any ticket-holders who do not want to sign up to the Crowd Cover Pledge, or who cannot make the new dates, can request a refund whilst logged in.
  3. After the 23rd May, any ticket-holder who has not signed up to these new terms will be automatically refunded in full.
  4. Any tickets that become freed up will be offered first to our Wait List and then made publicly available.

We realise this is a lot to ask, and we understand that this may not be possible for everyone, but these are far from normal times and we wouldn’t ask if there were any other way through this. 

Our new dates are 6 whole weeks after we’re due to fully unlock, and in the (most likely) scenario of the festival going ahead, you’ll be attending for exactly the same cost and will have played an integral part in making the festival happen.  

The truth is that without a global strategy, Covid is here for the foreseeable future, and if UK festivals are going to survive, the model will have to change. The government has failed to provide a solution, so if we want Brainchild to happen this summer, we have to create one together. 

Our manifesto says, “We believe that any idea, no matter how bold, can happen when enough like-minded people want it to”. This belief was what gave us the courage to start Brainchild in 2012, and it’s the belief we’re inviting you to share so we can keep it alive through 2021.

If you have technical or ticket related questions please contact  and if you have questions about the Crowd Cover Scheme, please contact