Shanti Celeste’s festival treats

We’re overjoyed to have producer, DJ and label boss Shanti Celeste headlining our festival’s woodland dancefloor utopia – The Shack. Expect a sharp, luscious set rippling with melodic textures and uplifting energy sourced from all corners of electronic music.

On top of what promises to be an absolute treat of a set, Shanti will also be leading a separate session discussing and deconstructing her music-making process.  She’ll be in conversation with CDR (Create, Define, Release), who are a collective of musicians, artists and thinkers creating warm open spaces for fellow producers to dissect and build on their creative ideas. Founded over a decade ago, they host club nights where producers can submit works-in-progress – a chance to hear them on a proper sound system, check out people’s responses on the dancefloor, and discuss their work with fellow music-makers.

CDR’s sessions have been held everywhere from London to Brighton, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Sydney, and have heard pre-pre-pre-releases from artists including Maya Jane Coles, Bullion, SBTRKT, Floating Points, Simbad and even Adele. We love that these events bring established musicians into the same space as emerging artists and intrepid new projects, so you never know what you’ll hear next. Off the dancefloor, CDR also run technical workshops, production tutorials, label showcases and artist Q+As – spreading knowledge, skills and good music among their growing community.

CDR will also be DJing in our brand new space, The Lemon Lounge, where they’ll be playing tracks by emerging producers, so holla at to hear your tunes through Suma Sound and Tangy Events‘ bespoke hand-crafted sound system!They’re the perfect people to be in discussion with Shanti Celeste at Brainchild. We’ve long admired how Shanti finds space to support emerging musicians and experiment with sounds through her regular NTS radio show (full of four-to-the-floor joy) as well as her own label, Peach Discs. Founded in 2016, she describes it as “a place to build a little family with all my friends and friends of friends who I know are making great music”.

Aside from all that, her own productions are a cut above too – ranging from 2014’s dream-like Days Like This (out on Idle Hands) to electro tracks like SSS on Apron Records and last year’s feel-good Loop One on Peach Discs.

Knowing that Shanti’s record box is always full of new undiscovered treats, we asked her to tell us about a few fresh cuts from emerging artists that she’s feeling at the moment. Check it out and get in the groove for the festival!


Upsammy – A Window

This is a really beautiful song! The rest of the 12” is wicked too. Really strong first release by Upsammy : )”

E – Unity – Perihelion

“The first time I heard this I was so happy! A nice homage to dubstep but still really contemporary and I love the way he does melodies.”

FFT – sensory_hyperlinkfft_3abstract1

“So wicked. Not heard anything like it and it’s inspiring. Amazing 12’.”

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