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The extremely tasty traders keeping us fed for Brainchild 2022 🌮🧇🥙

It’s been hard not to think about food constantly in the office whilst pulling this lineup together. We are SO excited to be upping the game here with such a glorious spread of delicious, environmental, ethical and affordable traders for the festival! Knowing you will all have gorgeous, filling and reasonably priced meals to keep you going through the dancing and exploring makes us extremely happy.

Everyone who’s working with us has agreed to go fully vegetarian – a first for us at Brainchild, but inspired by environmental leaders Shambala Festival, a step we want to make to up our commitment to fighting climate change. We hope you’ll be with us, and if you’re not, that you’ll discover it’s very possible, even easy, to enjoy the festival without meat and fish! Everyone has also agreed to keep a main meal option available for £8 (as well as other bites for less, of course), which we requested and feel to be important in maintaining affordability. 

And finally, as a team of coffee-fiends, we want you to know that we really go get how important it is that you get your coffee fix whenever you need and that it’s not a MISSION. So we’ve tripled the coffee provision this year, and really believe it’s going to make a huge difference to all of you coffee lovers.  

Get to know who’s involved…

Lalita’s ~ Indian Street Food ~ @lalitas_rasoi

Feral Food Store ~ 100% Vegan Junk Food ~ @feralfoodstore

The Two Fridas ~ Vegan Mexican Food ~ @the_two_fridas_vegan_mexican

Pok Pok ~ Thai noodles, rice & assorted treats ~ @pokpokbtn

The Good Slice ~ Tasty pizza with a purpose ~ @thegoodslice

The Cheese Toaster ~ Flat iron sourdough toasties ~ @thecheesetoaster

Amrutha Lounge ~ Vegan Soul Food, Plant-based Heartwarming Classics ~ @amruthauk

This Fine Day ~ Breakfast burgers and loaded fries ~ @thisfinedayevents

Naania ~ Plant based naan wraps ~ @enternaania

Falafel Mama ~ Vegan & Veggie Middle Eastern street food (falafel wraps & boxes) ~ @falafelmamaa

Solitary Bee Coffee

Black Anchor Coffee


LTS Coffee