Launching Thousand Zine: our new collection of short stories

For the past two festivals, we’ve had a Short Story Hour where we’ve done our best to celebrate the imagination and writing talents of the writers around us. There’s only so much you can do in an hour at a festival, though, and so we’ve had the idea to create Thousand Zine, our very own zine bringing together illustration and short fiction from all across our networks and beyond.

So for all of you who love to write, get in touch – submissions are now open! Please send your work to us before midnight on 1 October 2017, and check out the submission details at the bottom of this page. 

We’re hoping to build on all we’ve done so far with Short Story Hour, and want for Thousand Zine to feature a wider range of prose writing than we could fit into each session. The zine will be a print edition, and eventually we would like to create a small online site as part of our own, where people can read selected works and see contributor profiles.

We are keen to promote new writers and particularly welcome diverse voices from communities underrepresented in literary publishing, such as LGBTQ+ people, BAME people and people with disabilities. You don’t have to have attended Brainchild Festival or our events to submit work, we want to hear from new people too!

It’s free to submit to Thousand Zine and there isn’t a theme (we get that sometimes these are creatively useful, but all in all if you just have an idea for something we’d like you to be able to run with it, and not worry about re-appropriating it to a theme). There’s one restriction, however, and that’s that all stories must be in prose and one thousand words or fewer.