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We’ve made the devastating decision to cancel Brainchild 2022. Please read for full statement.

Brainchild 2022 is cancelled 💔

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must tell you we’ve made the devastating decision to cancel Brainchild Festival 2022. The face value of all tickets will automatically be refunded in 7-14 working days.

This is a major shock to the system for us all, we’ve weathered many a storm in our 10 years running this, but this year we’ve been met with completely different curveballs that are quietly putting many events & festival organisers through very challenging times behind the scenes.

It’s been a perfect, ‘post-pandemic’ storm of significantly increased costs due to inflation, unprecedented supply chain issues and crucially, far slower/more last-minute ticket-sales than we’ve ever experienced before (which is sadly the case for many festivals right now), despite years of early sell-outs & increasing demand. We’ve reached the point where the financial risks from here are too much for us to bear. We cannot in good conscience go into a festival where we may not be able to pay everybody afterwards. Bigger companies may have the money to take these risks on sales, but sadly as an independent, not-for-profit after a few very tough years, we don’t.

We are so full of love for every one of you who booked and comes to Brainchild. You are the reason we do this, and it’s truly you & your energy that makes this such a magical place. We are absolutely heartbroken, and having given our lives to building this for a decade, we hope you trust that we’ve left no stone unturned in trying to bring you the festival this year.

We need to do some healing, processing and re-imagining, and although we don’t know when we’ll next be in the field together, this isn’t the end of Brainchild.

We’ll still be running Digs on 14 May at the Fox & Firkin, we’d love to see friendly faces there to shake a leg. Bringing this community together right now will make things better for us all.

These are very hard times to be putting on events, especially as independent artists or grassroots promoters, so all the support & commitment you can show the things you value by booking before the last minute will help them survive.

So much love from all of us 🧡