Annie Mackinnon and Akshy Marayen

The story of young Barry Blobfish, our main protagonfish continues with the unearthing of a top secret plot. A keen surfer of Finstagram, Barry Blobfish awoke one morning to discover he had won a prize from posting a shellfie: an Urchin Galactic flight around the Galax-sea with Richard Clamston himself! Barry Blobfish was so eel-ated to be part of the Urchin Galactic family, he could barely swim straight. On arrival he was greeted by celebrafishes Kim Kardashyfish and Carpye West but Barry Blobfish soon was starting to think something was fishy….

Richard Clamston boldly told him ‘We are at the dawn of a golden age of space exploration which will transform our relationship with the Earth and with the cosmos…. BUT FIRST WE MUST TAKE DOWN EELON MUSSEL MY MORTAL AENENOME!!!’

Richard Clamston put on a video on his squideo cassette player, depicting the fish himself, Eelon Mussel giving an impassioned speech: “We will bring Carp-italism to Space, we will bring Fishtopher Cod-umbus’s Cod-onisation to Mars despite the retaliation of our Mortal Anenomes!”

Richard Clamston told Barry Blobfish he was ready to do anyfin to win this race as it would be the ultimate test of who had the biggest gills. Barry had been selected to help due to his knowledge of Finstagram, Richard wanted him to leak sensitive information of his plans from Eelon Mussel’s so-shell media account.

Richard Clamstonhad employed another top sea-cret agent to act as bait. Drenched in beauty from head to tail, wearing the finest pearls and ready to drown Eelon in seduction was none other than Sole-ange Knowles. In one fell swoop she cod Eelon’s eye: ‘babe ur just fishing 4 compliments aren’t u’. Completely transfished in her wet look jeggings, he didn’t realise Sole-ange had fish-mantled the entire production of all his Teslas, drowning his plans for Mars Cod-onisation. Eelon broke down in tears, begging Sole-ange to stop, and revealed that he needed his Tesla because he never learnt to swim, and that his macho bravado show was to mask the fact he had never found true love.

Would this juicy gossip Sole-ange had uncovered be enough for Barry to take Eelon down on so-shell media? “You must help me Barry” said Richard Clamston. “FishX is nofin but an eelitist codony on Mars – only for Tesla customers, Eelon Mussel wants to keep space for himself and is privatising the sole-ar system!”

Who would win in this race for sea-lestial conquest??? Stay Tuna-d to find out…..

Akshy Marayen is a Costume Designer and Annie Mackinnon is a Fashion Designer, both based in London. Having known each other since they were 11, this is their third ongoing fish pun series of installations for Brainchild Festival, following on from 2016s ‘Plenty More Fish in the Tree’, and 2017s ‘Finding the Porpoise in Life’.


apastoreality, patch, & priscilla

Priscilla, Patch, Sonia & Egmontas  work towards the exploration of architecture through drawing and making, spending their time playfully fabricating new spatial constructs…

They propose to deliver a bigger throne to the festival setting. The throne travels not in one piece but in fragments, each of a different weight, size and feel; each moving at a different pace.

Stones fall from the sky and land gently in a field; they wait for the odd bum or two to nestle in their nooks and crannies.The throne is a sculptural proposition with the simple facility of seating.

Lastly, what would the throne be without a plant?


Betty Woodhouse

Betty Woodhouse is a visual communicator based in London. Working primarily with pattern and typography, this year Betty is creating a set of alphabet blocks that festival goers can play with and create their own words.


David Renton

David floats around in the splendiferous world of animation. He fills his sketchbook with illustrations and then brings them to life. His plan for Brainchild is to create some animations intended to make you feel like you have drunk too much plumbus juice.

Born in Edinburgh, David moved to London at 22 to try and get a foothold in the world of animation. He found his feet as an assistant animator on projects varying from stop-motion to hand-drawn 2D animation. He moved to Amsterdam recently where he currently works as an animator.


Eve Shillingford

With a background in fashion and art fabrication Eve’s work is divided between installation, photography and making goods for the home. She is a collector with a complete addiction for objects of shape, colour, texture and design more so than its purpose.

This year for Brainchild, inspired by the decorations of the Japanese Tanabata festival, Eve will be creating large decorations made from sourced materials found in poundshops, cash & carry and car boot fairs.


Georgie Robertson

Georgie is an Art and Yoga teacher from South London. Having spent her first Brainchild working with the arts team last summer, this year’s festival will mark her debut installation.

The artwork combines her passion for design and textiles, with inspiration derived from artists such as Do Ho Suh and Ernesto Neto.

Georgie has had a lifelong love affair with tomatoes, Ella Fitzgerald & seventies colour schemes. She hopes to one day design an installation that can encompass all of these things, after which she can live in eternal bliss. Find her at a stage dancing, eating, or singing  and say hello.



Iiish (Sophie Molyneux) is the creator of BLUB, an immersive world of squishy colourful forms that take shape in many soft and bulbous scenarios. In a sensory overload of print and smush you can experience the unnecessary need to turn your surroundings into one Dr Seuss would be proud of.

This year iiish will be creating a soft sculpture for you to sit amongst get comfy and dream into colour.


Kavitha Balasingham and Jude Gardner-Rolfe

Kavitha and Jude invite us into a world of sexy dental hygiene. A real hot mess of a dental installation will take place at Brainchild focusing on the aesthetics of dentistry. Both Jude and Kavitha’s practice focus on graphic patterns using bold and eccentric colours and shapes. Their collaboration has resulted in a vibrant, sexy and humorous installation.


Klaudia Kępińska and Charlie Redman


Charlie and Klaudia both met studying architecture at UCL. They both have a keen interest in creating playful yet utilitarian spaces, preferably in the form of a bar.

Klaudia has previously led bar, restaurant and residential projects for London based architects Michaelis Boyd. She has also run a number of summer schools for STORE projects, introducing young adults to the world of architecture. Klaudia is currently studying a masters in architecture at UCL.

Charlie has previously worked as a carpenter, last year helping build Blue House Yard, a series of two story work sheds in north London, three years ago, he also designed and built the Welcoming Shelter an award winning kinetic roof structure for the Kings Cross Skip Garden.

They are now bringing their combined skills and experience together to make the Dura Dura Cocktail Bar, a cocktail bar like no other, named after one of the most challenging climbs in the world this bar will have a climbing wall along the outside of it, allowing patrons to enjoy their favourite cocktail whilst watching people challenge themselves as they try and complete the traverse.


klaus is koming

klaus has a filthy fascination for vintage pornography and loves to show off the ladies that sprawl the pages. klaus likes to concoct images that are celebratory, bold and salaciously fun. klaus likes to challenges censorship and dissect eroticism. klaus goes by the professional title of ‘artist’, so klaus can get away with looking at porn all day. klaus wants to reassess the nude and allow for a more colloquial conversation around sex ed. klaus is having a good time and wants you to have a good time too


Kristi Minchin, Oscar Murray and Natalie Seo

Artist Kristi Minchin and product designer Oscar Murray, assisted by student Natalie Seo, are collaborating to make a large scale interactive installation.

The installation will explore the idea that by encouraging collective movement and play, playgrounds become radical spaces for social integration. The piece will use familiar playground forms like swings and seesaws to trigger a series of interactive elements within the sculpture.

After being installed at Brainchild we are taking the work to Copeland Park for Peckham Festival for a round two of playtime, September 14-17.


Lucy Bradbury

Lucy is a graphic designer with a love for traditional craft techniques. She experiments with materials and processes; re-purposing them to create something new.

This year, Lucy will be building ‘The Spirograph,’ a kaleidoscopic shade structure welcoming you to relax underneath. The structure illuminates at night creating geometric patterns in the dark.


Maia Magoga and Lallie Doyle

Life long friends, illustrator Maia and filmmaker Lallie have embarked on their first collaboration in the form of a series of animated lanterns.

“Dreamscape” is a piece rooted in Maia and Lallie’s shared interest in cultural dialogues and folklore. The installation will take the form of abstracted faces, animals and creatures that exist only in the dusty corners of our minds. Bringing them into a tangible reality, this year at Brainchild they wish to introduce to some of these characters. Join them on a walk through the back corridors of their imaginations, immersing you in a surreal and playful landscape that brings their magical and devilish creations alive.


PeeWee and Morgan Morgan

Artists Peewee and Lily Morgan, bring together their skills in illustration and sculpture design, to create an interactive environment at Brainchild Festival. Their shared interest in abstracting and morphing the human body aims to explore ideas surrounding  identity non-conformity and body positivity. Combining ever evolving shapes with the human body in a technicolour landscape of movement and colour, they are interested in exploring how colour and texture can reflect moods and create atmosphere through the expressive freedom found in abstract sculptural form.


Shred It

The water is warm and crystal clear. The colours dazzle and amaze as you lazily swim by, a thousand jelly fish waft in the gentle current  as you glide through it, you look up to the surface and you see …………. Trees?

The Reef is an installation intended to bring the watery worlds of the ocean to Brainchild. Its monumental columns reflect the vastness of the ocean but their lightweight structure seems to float and sway in the current. It is textured and tactile, coloured and sculpted. The lights of the deep ocean shine bright during the depths of the night creating a shadowy, submerged realm.

Shred-It is made up of  Harry Pizzey, Laurence Moreton Burt, Ryan Walsh and Edward Sear.





Smak Creative

Smak Creative is a collaboration between designer Peter Vannerley and artist Jonny Harris.  

For Brainchild, they will create a giant piece of furniture that aims to incorporate design within a sculptural form, providing a social space for people to relax. Whether you prefer to recline on a seat or chill out in the middle, you’ll be sure to make yourself comfy.


Tess Rees

For her installation this year, Tess will be taking over the Forum tent; creating an environment that reflects the connecting and flowing of ideas that make up the fabric of the festival. The materials used in the installation will respond to the ethos of the festival – cotton, bamboo and recycled plastics.

Tess previously studied Fine Art and Central Saint Martins and currently works in Festivals & Participation programming at Southbank Centre. Her practice currently consists of painting, sculpture and using front-end programming languages to create models and animation.


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