“There’s always that weird thing that the Irish mentality doesn’t really lend itself to hip-hop in the traditional sense of braggadocio. We’re very self-deprecating people.” Kojaque

Dublin rapper Kojaque is an artist steadily gaining ground on the Irish and international music scene, thanks to his production style, stunning visuals, and biting lyrics. Co-founder of independent label Soft Boy Records, Kojaque mixes sampling and jazz beats with dynamic, poetic lyrics, showcasing life as a modern Dubliner. An established film-maker and visual artist as well as a musician, Kojaque’s multimedia performances and projects are unlike anything else in Irish hip-hop; brutal, honest, and beautiful at once.

The Dublin MC’s latest project is a concept-album called Deli Daydreams, which follows the life of a deli worker, deli’s being something of a great mundane leveller in urban Irish life. Characters and their perspectives populate Kojaque’s work across tracks, music videos and other film projects.


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