New Economics Foundation

There is building political and popular momentum for cutting the amount of time we all spend in work. At the festival this year, the New Economics Foundation will be leading a session on the strategy required for us to win a four day week.

New technology presents us with the opportunity to improve our work/life balance and respond to major challenges like the mental health crisis, air pollution and gender inequality. The collapsing neoliberal dogma means this goal is now in sight with trade unions, progressive employers and some politicians calling for the change.

For more than three decades, the New Economics Foundation’s mission has been to transform the economy so it works for people and the planet.They celebrate – and help to enable – the new economy springing up from below, but we also know that it needs support from above, including a state that prioritises people’s wellbeing and a healthy planet over a misplaced faith in free markets and competition.

Therefore we work with people igniting change from below and we combine this with rigorous research to fight for change at the top. The rules and institutions that shape our economy are not forces of nature beyond our control, but have been designed by people.

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