BOOGIE BRAIN SERIES – Sonia Khan (with collaborator Dexter Vandersall fo ‘IRL to URL’)

The Boogie Brain Series is comprised of three animations: ‘Burning Bombs: and ode to Bleecker’, ‘IRL to URL’ & ‘Dancing on celluloid’ 

Sonia and Dexter live and work together in Manhattan, New York. Both work to test the boundaries of image, sound and video production through analog and digital experiments. Sonia predominantly works by manipulating found imagery: reworking narratives, questioning such artefacts of spectacle and negotiating the fine line between fact and fiction. Dexter orchestrates alternative interactions between technology and the human body through creative code and its translation into three dimensional installation. They have come together most recently for the animation ‘IRL to URL’ in which artificial intelligence has been used to produce thousands of fake portraits. A crowd that never existed.

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