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Brother Portrait & Maxwell Owin (Touching Bass)

As part of their takeover, Touching Bass presents Brother Portrait and Maxwell Owin, showcasing a new project they’re working on together. Both Brainchild mainstays and pillars of London’s music ecology in their own right, we are very excited to find out what material they’ve created!

A little bit more about them each:

Brother Portrait is a writer and artist – his words falling into form in poetry, prose and music. His work centres the Black British experience and socio-political issues, expression and archiving of experience. He is featured on recent releases by Oscar Jerome, Chiminyo, Neue Grafik and SAUL with many more collaborations and solo releases in the near future.

Maxwell Owin is a London-based producer, musician and DJ whose ferocious creative appetite and passion for music is reflected by the wide variety of projects he plays a pivotal role in, most recently the label Síbín alongside Anja Ngozi. 2017 saw the release of Idiom, with Joe Armon-Jones to widespread critical acclaim. With so many projects in the works, a cluster of imminent releases is being lined up to drop, further illustrating Maxwell Owin’s diverse range of musical talents and cementing his name as an artist of true creative merit.