CALM ROOTS – Alex Rita & Clara Sinephro

CALM ROOTS will be a two hour meditative session, happening on Saturday morning in the Kite Bar. The session will be a wake-up experience like you’ve never had: you’re invited to come and get cosy, and drift away in an exploration of sound.

Alex Rita is an important part of so many projects we love and admire. From Touching Bass to being an implicit part of the Steam Down crew, she’s a creative force who weaves care into everything she does; whether creating clothes, illustrations or playing music. As a record collector, she embraces the dynamic, emotive, and journeying.
Together with musician, producer and composer, Clara Sinephro, she debuts ‘Calm Roots’ — a musical passage combining live modular synths, harp and records to create a performance that will be healing, meditative and transformative.
Check out this mix by Alex Rita to understand a bit more about what they’ve got in store for us.

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