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Candela Viva Takeover

Taking over the Kite Bar all day on Friday is CANDELA VIVA❣️☄️  Candela Viva is a London based platform created by Bushbby to celebrate Latin American roots, sounds, culture and people. Spotlighting Latinx artists at the festival, Bushbby will be joined by the incendiary Desta French, Colectiva, Papaoul, filling the festival with their collective spirit and sounds. 

Since 2021, Candela Viva has existed as a bi-monthly show on Threads Radio and has been putting on regular club nights showcasing exciting talent from the Latinx diaspora here in the UK. Candela Viva has worked with artists such as Reyna Tropical, Desta French, Jimena Angel, Akolá Tambó & Nielaa420, with musical styles spanning from Afro-Colombian folklore, contemporary Latinx fusions of R&B, Salsa, Reggaeton with exciting electronic beats weaving through Spanish and English (or Spanglish) lyrics. 

Candela Viva was born out of the want and need for the Latinx creative community to be represented by Latinx people. With Latin American music becoming increasingly popular, Candela Viva wants this to be reflected at every level within the industry and counter the white male-dominated hierarchy in music and arts.