COME TOGETHER – Josephine Chime

Josephine Chime is an East London-based mixed media artist transgressing ideas of accepted beauty through the deconstruction of the body. The strong cord connecting her work is visual analysis of the onslaught of female homogeneous images and how technology shapes the vision and ideals of what is desirable.

Her creative practice moves between art and design, teaming with industry clients creating installations, products and illustrations for Gilles Peterson, Boiler Room, Havana Club and British Council to working with a diverse range of schools using art workshops as an expressive healing tool.

Come Together is the antithesis to keeping a distance, an installation to encourage being together. Reintroducing tactileness in a way that is joyous instead of forceful with patterns and words adorning the deckchairs speaking of thankfulness and human connection. The super size deck chairs invites sharing of space, cosying up against one another while exchanging stories, resting in the joy of a special moment or a group relaxation. Come Together is a visual stimulation to elicit joy and remembrance of carefree togetherness. // @jaccartist