Elisa & Srigala

Elisa Imperilee’s vocals and Srigala’s organic production style come together for their debut EP. Tipped by Lonely Table as up and coming artists to watch in 2017 the buzz is beginning to build as 1 O’Clock Club follows the release of ‘Differences’ which was recently played on Giles Peterson’s Worldwide FM and featured in Indie Shuffles Soul & R&B discovery playlist.

Born and bred in Brixton, their debut EP is a melting pot of genres including soul, jazz, hip-hop. It is named after the 1 o’clock club in Brockwell Park where the pair met as toddlers. Dedicated to friends Conrad, Max and Bruno who passed away in 2011 the EP is an honest and self-aware reflection on experiences of love, loss, growing up and learning to express who you are – themes listeners will no doubt relate to.

The release marked a celebration for the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year of new music, self-discovery and growth for Elisa Imperilee and Srigala.

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