Eriksson Tudie Project

Collaborators Eriksson Kaner & Mom Tudie will be sharing brand new beats, live keys and production.

Eriksson Kaner and Mom Tudie joined us at our first ever DIGS party back in March and at that gig, they put together a set full of new material especially from us as it was the first live jazz gig Eriksson Kaner had played in quite a few years. We felt SO honoured to have been able to witness that magic between the two of them, that we’ve invited them to play at the festival.

The first Eriksson Kaner tune out in the world is Changed Beings: it’s epic, moving and gorgeous, and we listened to it almost every day through the start of this year! Combined with Mom Tudie’s brilliant production, we can’t wait to hear what these two go onto create.

If you haven’t already heard Changed Beings, this is highly recommended listening from us! For people who love everything from 4hero to Maisha – UK to the original days of Southpaw.

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