FITTER: An Open Interview

For those you who saw HOTTER at the festival last year, you’ve obviously not forgotten the profound elation – remember when we all cried and stormed the stage?
Well, Mary Higgins and Ell Potter are back and their developing their next show FITTER.
HOTTER is a piece of joyous sweaty verbatim dance theatre based on interviews with women and transpeople aged 11-97, it’s about what it means to be a woman, feminine, or assigned female at birth.    ‘Vulnerable, charming and electric.’ ***** Edinburgh Guide
FITTER is like HOTTER’s younger greasy brother and using the same method of verbatim interviews, will explore themes of masculinity and what it means to be fit, feel fit, and fit in. 
So, on their journey to gather thoughts, opinions and experiences that will inform the making of their new show they’re stopping at the festival to host an open-interview with some of our favourite artists.
We’ve invited Travis Alabanza and Jodie Mitchell to chat with them about fitness, fitting in, wanking, sex, dancing & body hair – and we can’t wait to involve you all in the conversation.

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