Florence Schechter’s Queer by Nature

What do penguins, lizards, sheep and humans all have in common?

They all engage in homosexual behaviour. It has often been thought to be ‘unnatural’ but it is one of the most natural things in the world. It has been observed in more than 1500 species! At first, it was thought that being queer was a deviation from the norm – sex was for procreation according to 19th century biologists (their poor wives). But it has since been shown that sex is beneficial in so many other ways than baby manufacture and once you accept that fact, there’s no reason sex shouldn’t be with a member of the same sex.

Florence started writing this show because as a bisexual woman and armed with a biochemistry degree, it seemed only right to investigate the science behind her identity and see if there are any other animals out there like her.

“Queer By Nature” is a one hour science stand-up comedy show that takes the audience on a hilarious and thought-provoking tour of LGBT+ behaviour in animals and the evolutionary benefits of being queer. Expect laughs, single innuendos and whole load of fun sexy science facts.