Is Your Vagina Normal?

‘Is my vagina normal? Does it look normal? Does it smell normal? Does it feel normal?’ These are questions almost every vagina-owner has asked themselves at some point in their lives. But just like fingerprints, no two vaginas are the same. The Vagina Museum presents a drop-in workshop where you get to explore these questions in a fun and funny (fanny?) way – whether you have a vagina or not. 

The Vagina Museum is the project to create the world’s first bricks and mortar museum about the gynaecological anatomy. It will take a holistic view of the gynaecological anatomy and there will be four permanent galleries: science, culture, society and history. There will also be a temporary exhibition space and a packed programme of events. The Museum will have an extensive outreach programme and a policy department. Oh, and a cafe with vulva cupcakes of course. The first step on the Vagina Museum journey is a pop up museum which will travel around the country. The Museum will then graduate to an interim space in a semi-permanent location as a proof of concept for the final permanent home for the Vagina Museum in the UK.

twitter and instagram: vagina_museum

facebook: vmuseum


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