Lava La Rue

Ask Lava La Rue about her influences today, and she’ll reel off a catalogue of reference points while scarcely drawing breath, from psychedelic, punk and Britpop, to the vibrant Soundsystem culture and banging rave music she was regularly exposed to throughout her youth. But for Lava, the real beauty lies in the blurring of these boundaries. We are damn psyched to have this West London icon take on our Brainstage this year!

On Summer.20′s website, Lava’s current project, Lava explains the concept: “Summer of Love 2.0 explores how an era of social distancing has allowed people to re-value human touch, platonic love, free party culture and a resurgence of the radicalisation of view… all leading to a second coming of the famous summer we signify with past free love movements. However in the 2020s this can resurge as a new breed – one that is inclusive to all intersections of sexuality and gender identity we celebrate today.”

To this we say: take us to Lava Land 🦋🎈🧡🌞🐛