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A brand new group that we’re very excited to see live for the pure ENERGY! Longstanding members of the Brainchild and OG Steez community, this is tom theythem (rhymes/vocals), Cieran Corr (guitar), James Wilson (bass) & Sam Jones (guitar). In Winter 2020, they got together for long improvised session and produced some striking material engaging with the mixed feelings we’ve been going through since this pandemic hit. We’ve invited them to our new space, the Minty Cabin, to share new material that we hope reckon will tear up our expectations (in a good way) and bring something fresh to the festival.

Just as an FYI, you’ll probably know these folks – they play and perform in all sorts of familiar and renowned contexts from King Krule to Nubya Garcia to Cesca to Steez, and theatres up and down the country.

Here’s their first recording: