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Mansur Brown

Mansur Brown is a 24 year old producer, multi-instrumentalist and gift from the heavens. His sound is hard to box into one genre, effortlessly fusing R&B, Hip Hop, Ambient, Rock and Electronic into one palette. Check out his Boiler Room set to get a real flavour. 🔥

Having released his debut album Shiroi in 2018, followed by the Tesuto EP with Soulection in 2020, Mansur quickly crafted his own unique and signature sound. Tesuto called in a more futuristic and clubbier side to the music, with the addition of other musical influences such as Trap and Ambient soundscapes. He followed up with his second album titled ‘Heiwa‘ in 2021 on his own label – Amai Records.

His virtuosic guitar playing can found in videos online such as his Soulection radio session and elsewhere on his social media.

There’s no doubt in our minds that we’re in for a transcendental experience…