Move to Trust with Amarnah Ufuoma Cleopatra

Feel welcome. Come as you are. Trust yourself. Trust your body. Trust this.

This year Amarnah Ufuoma Cleopatra (the A in DAL) aka Queen Cleopatra (Scrapbook Mixtape) will be leading a morning movement workshop with the accompaniment of a live musician. In this hour and 15 minutes, Amarnah invites you enter the space with an open mind and heart to allow her to take you on a physical journey. Sometimes alone, sometimes in partners, sometimes as a group but always with yourself, Amarnah will facilitate a space for you to tune into your instincts and intuition, to trust your body and allow it to find new possibilities in movement and dance. With live music creating a container we will work directly with the energy the music provides and find fun and exciting ways to allow it to move with and through us.

We are together. We are connected. We trust ourselves. We journey to trusting each other.