Parasang started as an exploration of London’s diverse musical communities. The series invites guest musicians to improvise and interact with electronics. Parasang is led by Pouya Ehsaei on with an all hardware setup. Pouya’s musicianship is generous and flexible, making space for and responding to the musicians who accompany him. The series is co-curated by Pouya Ehsaei and Harry Follett of Manana//Records.

As an act of endurance and dedication to this exploration and sewing of sounds, Parasang was held in 2019 as a weekly series at Redon in London. Since the pandemic, the sessions have moved online and are now investigating similar possibilities on an international level.

Parasang’s takeover in the Kite Bar last year became a heady, dancy wonderland – we were transfixed and how it took people over and transformed the energy in the space. This year they are closing the Kite Bar on Saturday night, we can’t wait to see what they cook up …