Rohan Rakhit B2B Mera Bhai (Daytimers)

Playing a game of tag team on the Decks, we have Rohan Rakhit and Mera Bhai going vis a vis for the first time ever – a plan that’s been in the works for some time now. Both DJs are known for their eclectic genre-spanning tastes and rave-ready sets, so expect everything from Footwork and Jungle to Jazz, House, and Bhangra with blends that you could slick your hair back with.

Mera Bhai:
Born in London, with roots in India, alongside time spent growing up in Italy, Albania, Saudia Arabia, Dubai, and Nigeria, Mera Bhai’s worldly influence seeps into his unique take on dance music. Known as a founding member of tropical-psychedelia band Flamingods, the multi-instrumentalist has worked closely with Moshi Moshi Records, Soundway Records, and Total Refreshment Centre.

Rohan Rakhit:
Rohan Rakhit is an actor, DJ, and broadcaster based in North London who is part of the internal team behind the Daytimers collective. Previously a resident for various parties across Nottingham, since the pandemic hit Rohan has been featured on stations such as NTS, Boxout FM, Radio Quantica, and Subtle Radio. Utilising dance music from across the globe, expect high energies and blends that span across genres.