Scott Carthy’s Generation Peace

Generation Peace talks to those who have grown up in Derry since the 1998 Good Friday agreement, which brought The Troubles to an end after three decades of violent conflict. Brexit and the possibility of the reintroduction of a border in Ireland, however, jeopardise that uneasy peace.

The brilliant young people who are interviewed in the film thrive on community and creativity, and are committed to moving on from Northern Ireland’s divided past. That’s what Generation Peace is about: the power of hope, resilience and optimism.

Scott Carthy is an Irish film-maker and Director living in London. His early endeavours into film making and short form documentary saw him telling stories of New Yorks street dance culture, above and below ground. This run of short films garnered industry and festival attention with his debut short ‘Litefeet’ winning the Audience Award at the Lower East Side Film Festival. His career in film making has spanned documentary, commercials and branded content.