Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club: We Protect Us

Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club is a physical and metaphysical self-defence collective for women, non binary people and queer, trans, intersex and queer people of colour. They have a holistic approach to self defence, incorporating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, meditation and medicinal/magical herbalism in our workshops.

In We Protect Us, join them in exploring self-defence as a tool for empowerment in a time when our communities are being harassed and exploited by increasingly oppressive and violent forces. 

Ayesha Tan Jones is an artist and musician based in London. Ayesha’s work is a spiritual practice that seeks to present an alternative, queer, optimistic dystopia. They work through ritual, meditating through craft, and building forms from their dreams.

Monique Etienne is a student, facilitator and organizer and has been practicing martial arts for over twenty years. She works with self-defence as a trauma-informed approach to self empowerment and community building in ways that are inclusive, creative and challenging of typical notions of strength and power.