Sherelle is a footwork, jungle & 160 DJ from London, UK.

Sherelle specialises in high-speed rhythms and heavy low-end frequencies. The DJ and radio presenter is at the forefront of the UK’s electronic music underground thanks to a signature style that’s captured the imagination of everyone who’s seen her play. Enter the dance during a Sherelle set and you’ll be met with pure energy as footwork, juke, jungle and other genres at the higher end of the BPM scale are unleashed and then rewound amid a sea of gun fingers.

A champion of leftfield bass music, she’s been joined on her Reprezent show by the likes of Jessy Lanza, UNIIQU3 and Novelist, and has pioneered the Brixton radio station alongside her peers and fellow presenters. Recognising the graft, DJ Mag called Sherelle’s show “a rarity and one that should be protected at all costs.”

And all of this before that Boiler Room set. The one where Sherelle packed a whole night’s worth of gas into 45 minutes; the one that sent a crowd of young London club kids into absolute delirium; racking up 1 million views on Facebook.

But that’s chill for the Londoner, who grew up on a steady diet of 4hero, Machinedrum and, of course, DJ Rashad. Because as you can see, she’s been ready for this moment for a hot second now.

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