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Smutty Letter Writing Workshop with Revolting Arts Club

‘I tore open your letter and licked the envelope’s seal for any lingering taste of you…’- Emily Dickinson to Susan Gilbert

Be inspired by great love letters of old and learn to write your own x-rated versions in this playful workshop for today’s romantics.

We live in strange and disconnected times… Say no to the fast and flaccid romance of the digital age, and revive the lost art of the erotic epistle! Let’s bid farewell to soulless swiping, sexting, and the scattergunning of dick pics to strangers, and bring back the exchange of carefully-crafted, indulgently intimate dirty dispatches, hand delivered, or sent via slow and sexy snail mail!

In this workshop, we’ll share a selection of salacious readings of smut from yesteryear to entice our (creative) juices into flow before we are guided through the writing exercises. Come on your own, with a lover, or a friend! This workshop is for all 18+ contemporary romantics in possession of a pen and some paper, regardless of gender, sexuality, or relationship status. All creative capabilities and confidence levels welcome.

Revolting Arts Club is a creative lab of rebellious arts for growth, empowerment, and pleasure. We run workshops, talks, and events that celebrate the innate creativity within all of us and explore its therapeutic potential, for all those wishing to play, express, and make a mess. We are led by facilitator, art historian, performer, and activist, Rosy Pendlebaby, co-founder of Body Love Sketch Club.