Steam Down Poets

Bringing together the vibrant forces that are Mamoyo, Nadeem Din-Gabisi and And.Is.Phi, members of the Steam Down family, this is a show of poetic rhymes, universal vibes, and uncompromising truths.

The poets will be accompanied by Rebekah Reid and Clara Sinephro on violin and modular synths.

Belinda Zhawi is a 24 year old writer and educator born in Zimbabwe; resident in London. Her work focuses on her memories of living in rural and urban Zimbabwe whilst exploring the role this has played in shaping the narrative of her life thus far.

Nadeem Din-Gabisi is an artist, DJ and poet. His artwork and poetry are centered around the re-presentation of the black image. Through all his artistic practices Nadeem actively seeks ways to bridge the gap between the seen and unseen worlds.

And.Is.Phi is a writer, musician, and visual artist from Norway / Phillipines. She is also one-half of Sawa Manga, whose sound is an ethereal and electronic driven exploration.

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