T A P E presents TOUCH

As we move into the “after times”, T A P E Collective have curated a programme of short films which explore elements of ‘TOUCH’ – lust, desire, isolation, self-love, self-care and self-loathing, in all their various forms of expression.

Join them on a sensory journey through the lows of anxiety & distance, to the curiosity of pleasure, culminating in the empowering highs of self-discovery, through the work of a selection of bold filmmakers.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A panel with director Lois Stevenson, whose film WHAT ABOUT ME will see its premiere at Brainchild and close the programme.

T A P E was founded in 2015 as a response to lack of representation in the film industry. They are a collective curating screenings and events for under-represented films and those with an especial focus on identity & culture, often mixed with cross-arts engagement.


THE FORGOTTEN C (dir. Molly Manning Walker)

Doorstep visits from friends and family mark the passing weeks as Aisha struggles with how to tell them what’s happening to her.

TOUCH (dir. Poppy Baines)

A young girl in nature, and exploring the physical body.

TEENA AND SIMON (dir. Ricardo Padilla)

An intimate documentary portrait of a London couple, who candidly reveal the pleasures and pains of body piercing.

PROPA BUZZIN’ (dir. Serena Ramsay)

Journey into the explosive brain of Serena and the many worlds inside.

INSIDE OUT (dir. Jabu Newman)

Several abstract dance performances tell a story of misfortune, determination and self acceptance.

WHAT ABOUT ME? (dir. Lois Stevenson)

A manic journey of a heart-broken woman possessed by a destructive being. Plus post-screening Q&A.


A selfless vicar’s wife is possessed by a strange force, unlocking a mischievous (and pleasurable) side she never knew she had.