Work Sucks, Let’s Unionise: Trade Union 101

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is a grassroots trade union, made up of workers who have traditionally been under-represented, from couriers, to yoga teachers, outsourced cleaners, charity workers, and more. They stand for democracy and justice, and are known for our bold campaigning, grassroots organising, and being entirely member-led.
In this interactive workshop they will be getting back to the basics of workplace organising. Through discussion & activities they will help you to better understand what a trade union is, how you can organise in your workplace or industry, and how you have the power to bring about real, democratic, collective change!
Do I need to be in a union to take part?
No! Whether you’ve never been in a union before or are a seasoned unionist, this workshop is for everyone and anyone.
Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?
Just your lovely selves and a willingness to learn and share.
But I love my job, is this workshop still for me?
Yes! Everyone can benefit from learning the tools of collective organising, democratising your working life, and understanding that even though you may love your job … your job won’t love you back.
At the IWGB we are making trade unionism hot again – join us?