Wovoka Gentle

“Wovoka Gentle is constantly evolving project. Our roots are in traditional soil – we love the structure and soundscape in folk songs – but we wanted to work from those foundations to develop a new vocabulary, a new kind of songwriting.”

Ever since we first saw Wovoka Gentle play, we knew we had to get them involved with Brainchild in some way. Not only are they creating new sound palettes with eclectic influences, but their approach is shaped by their roots in performance and theatre. Just after they formed, the band wrote and performed the score for avant-garde physical theatre company Stasis’ production A Table, directed by Aniela Piasecka, and went on to provide music for the world premiere of Alex Howarth’s stage adaptation of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape at London’s Bridewell Theatre. Informed by such collaborations as these, the use of performance art, installations and projected visuals has made its way to the heart of Wovoka Gentle’s live shows.

Wovoka Gentle launched their first EP, Wovoka Gentle [Yellow], via Yucatan Records in July 2015 with a sold out show at London’s Cecil Sharp House, followed by two more records, Wovoka Gentle [Blue] and Wovoka Gentle [Red] and sold out shows at Elektrowerkz and Chat’s Palace.

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