Xvngo is a force to be reckoned with! He fuses jazz, classical, electronic as well as hip-hop music with dirty drill beats, to produce an infectious sound that will surely get you moving your feet. In addition to feet moving and hip-shaking there will be some chin-scratching, as he takes you through a musical journey that is impregnated with philosophical and scientific investigation. His music is heavily informed by his training as a neuroscientist, and his interests range all the way from German idealism to modern theoretical neuroscience.

Xvngo will also be accompanied by the illustrious Marysia Osuchowska on the harp and the formidable Master Mac on the beat machine. Xvngo is a massive supporter of the ethos of his so this set will be especially tailored to (in his words: “the wonderful utopia that is Brainchild”. So be sure not to miss out on this existential musical excursion!