Consented Magazine Issue 2: Belonging


Consented is a multi-media platform for those who aren’t accurately represented by the mainstream.

This inspirational team of 4 publish amazing online articles, run a youtube channel, print magazine, online library and put on some of the most thought-provoking workshops, panels and discussions you've ever seen.

To name a few; their all-day workshops like Decolonising Desire, Mental Health Matters, and A World Beyond Capitalism all went above and beyond expectations. Consented are causing a ripple effect in conversation and are offering education that has too often been hidden, or gone unnoticed. If you want to critically engage with what's going on around you, their print magazine is primary material on your reading list.

This issue explores ideas of belonging- critiquing the wider social and capitalist structures that include some, and exclude others. It aims to shed light on the complexity of identity in modern day Britain. Their aim is to challenge you, make you uncomfortable, and even force you to question some of the things you have perhaps long taken for granted.


Get stuck in!!

And don't miss the workshops they have coming up- they are additions to a series of dissections that they have been executing… (previous ones have been Dissecting Masculinity (I, 2.0 & III) and Dissecting Gender)

– Dissecting Race (Sunday 14th May)

– Dissecting Sex (Sunday 18th June)


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Dimensions 27 × 0.8 × 20.5 cm

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