Skin Deep – IMAGINING 2043


In the latest edition of their printed publication, Skin Deep invited writers, artists and creatives of colour to be bold in their attempts to imagine the future. Filled with beautiful stories, poems, ideas and photographs, this issue explores themes such as borders, identity, mothers, memory and the uncertainty of the present moment. This is a call for strategising and community organising; a request to focus on the future in order to make possible a ‘long-term plan for social change,’ suggests Lina Abushouk (editor) in the interview with Shades of Noir. In the same interview Anuradha Henriques (editor) poses the question, ‘If the present is really tough, how do you use the future to better your situation?’

In many ways, this edition is an invitation to ‘(re)imagine a future that is birthed out of ancestral memory, grief and rage, but contains, at its core, a hope for collective transformation.’

The beautiful IMAGINING 2043 is not to be skimmed through, like the rest of our news feed consumption. The beauty of it being in print is that you can take your time, speculate, question your beliefs, try on someone else’s shoes, keep it on your bookshelf, and come back to it. It also makes an amazing present. Enjoy it and take care of it! It’s a work of art itself.

(Read more about their interview with Shades of Noir here: )

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Skin Deep is a multimedia platform which amplifies voices of colour through its online platform, printed publications and events. The wonderful team who are close friends of Brainchild, as well as collaborators, inspire much needed conversations around themes that are usually misrepresented or depoliticised by the mainstream media. Skin Deep want stories of people of colour to be told by people of colour, and for their audience/readers to understand that race and identity is political, complex and multifaceted. They work with musicians, writers, artists and creatives to produce innovative and thought-provoking content which is accessible, and doesn’t compromise on the Skin Deep values: prioritising the lives, narratives and aesthetics of people of colour.

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Dimensions 176 × 14 × 250 cm

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