Brainchild through the lens of Vittoria Paglino

This short film by Vittoria Paglino, offers a view into the space that weaves in and between time spent at Brainchild. It captures the slow moments, the temporary nature of the festival and offers an insight into the intense feelings of community between groups of people sharing the experience.

Each year, we offer photographers and visual artists the chance to chronicle their experience of the festival; to see what it looked like for them. We also hoped to offer them a chance to develop their practise with the unusual space and subject matter of the festival.

We asked Vittoria a few questions about her film…

Describe your Brainchild film in five words?
Discovery, Immersion, Flow, Cocoon, Slowness

What did you set out to capture with this piece?

As a frequent festival goer or volunteer, by the end of each event, I always feel like I have been there much longer than three or four days, as if the intensity of the experience often resulted in an extension of time.

While at Brainchild, I attempted to explore the progressive but quick process that takes to the creation of that familiar dimension and temporary, unique community. My films aims at creating a sensorial documentation of the festival experience, in its fluidity of time and space. I used simple visuals and sounds I captured to convey the atmosphere around me at several times during the days.  

Tell us about your current ambitions & projects you’re working on that we should check out?

After Brainchild 2018, I moved from London to Milan. I am currently working on a feature documentary about body, sexual pleasure and self love, which evolves around Wovo Store, an erotic concept store in Milan. Through my relationship with the girls who run it, I am exploring which roles these themes play in my life and how they will evolve throughout time, being exposed to their world. I just came back from Shanghai for some shootings at the China Adult Care Expo which was very fun. This is also going to be my first feature film and I couldn’t be more excited about it. A teaser of the film will be out in next few months, so stay tuned!

Vittoria Paglino is an Italian filmmaker and ethnographer based in Milan. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University, and was awarded the Paul Watson Prize for the best audio visual project with her documentary Choir, selected by several international film festivals. Along her activity as an independent filmmaker, she works between Italy and the UK as a freelance video ethnographer, video maker and editor for qualitative research projects, creative agencies and cultural institutions.



If you’re a photographer/visual artist and interested in the opportunity to explore a creative project at Brainchild 2019, then please email with a short outline about what you’d like to do and some examples of your work.

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