Brainchild is a not-for-profit arts organisation & festival. We’ve been running Brainchild since we were 19, when we got together to create a project big enough for everyone we knew to bring their ‘thing’, collaborate and raise each other up.

Our mission is to celebrate and develop emerging artists and young adults by giving them the space, confidence and network to creatively engage with what matters to them.

We’re currently trying to raise the funds to build a website that presents all our work, but in the meantime you can stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram to check out our upcoming projects.


We make space where all people can be real, be joyful and be themselves; where they can find the confidence and community to dream big and make things happen.

We celebrate DIY spirit, imagination and leadership in the artists and communities around us; create space to be strong against social and environmental injustices, quit complacency, think for ourselves and raise each other up.

We create spaces for openness and conversations that matter; where we can connect on common ground, show love and respect to anyone giving it their all, and always give ourselves the space to grow.   

We believe that any idea, no matter how bold, can happen when enough like-minded people want it to, and want to harness this to better the lives and experiences of all.


Our pre-production team has evolved from being dozens of volunteers into a more condensed, part-paid team. They are:

Directors: Marina Blake (Creative Director), Joey Valiunas (Operations Director), India Crawford (Executive Director & Arts Producer), Jerome Toole & Isabel Adomakoh Young (non-executive); Music Programme Manager: Tilly Verrells; Communications Manager: Amelia Sharp; Operations Manager: Shaan Ebanks; Production Manager: Edd Lewington, Technical Production Co-Ordinator: Stella Kailides; Art Director: Lily Bonesso; Associate Programmers: Bridget Minamore, Sarah Vowden, Jasper Morvaridi, Carmel Macaree; Creative Production Manager: Olivia Skalkos; In-House Design Manager: Sacha Molyneux; Site Manager: Matt Corless; Arts Engagement Officer: Cathy Van Hear; Head of Visual Identity: Josie Tucker; Volunteers Manager: Tomo Armstead; Bars Manager: Otis Houston, Kiosk Manager: Ellie Domoney.


Community – we aim to build communities of friends, collaborators and like-minded people in all that we do, always looking to forge meaningful connections between people that have long term social and creative value.

Realness – in our programmes and communication, we want people to feel comfortable to be real with each other: to never feel that they have to pretend anything, skirt around issues or ignore elephants in the room. We always want people to feel able to be open and to bring their thoughts and feelings to the table, to question them and to respect people’s differences and similarities.  

Inclusion – we will plan and programme activity which allows people from all backgrounds and abilities to feel welcome, seeking to address the social, economic and physical barriers that prevent people from creating, engaging with and participating in artistic practice.

Environmental Sustainability – we acknowledge the risks that human-made emissions have on the natural world and survival on Earth, so prioritise minimising the carbon footprint of all our activity and advocating for renewable and sustainable practises.

Bravery – we will celebrate bravery and DIY spirit in all that we do, listening to and raising up voices that take creative risks, speak truths, challenge the status-quo and dream big.

Collaboration – getting everyone we work with in touch with the potential of being a part of something bigger than yourself and the benefits for any people or organisation in exchanging stories, skills and ideas.

Development – we focus on how our team, artists and audiences can learn the most from everything we offer so that they continue to grow, experiment and build confidence.