Essential Remedies with Haseeb Iqbal

Through a bold curiosity and creativity, Haseeb Iqbal and has already contributed so much in the creation of and uncovering of culture, past and present. He is a poet, DJ, host of a monthly Worldwide FM show; presenter of DIY podcast platform, Mare Street Records; author of Noting Voices: Contemplating London’s Culture featuring an interview with our Founder & Creative Director!) Recent ventures also include a Jazz FM show on Pakistan culture & Jazz and interviewing electronic music legend, Goldie. What’s even more exciting is we know this is only the start for Haseeb. We caught up with him to get his Essential Remedies suggestions, as we know he’d have some invaluable recommendations for us…

One book

Mason Currey ‘Daily Rituals’ (Knopf, 2013)

This book has continued to ground and inspire me for many years. It is a compiled set of daily routines of hundreds of esteemed artists across various crafts. From writers to painters; filmmakers to scientists; architects to composers, and beyond. Whenever I feel like I’m losing focus or motivation, I always come back to this book. It reminds me of how the greatest artists have consistently remained stimulated and efficient, and it seems to bring their greatness somewhat into reach.

You can find a list of places to buy the book on Murray’s website.

One record

Jorge Ben Jor ‘Samba Esquema Novo’ (1963, Universal Music)

This record was on repeat in the toughest days of the first lockdown when I was living alone and since the sun has started to come out, it’s getting spun again. The Portuguese word ‘saudade’ perfectly sums up how this record makes me feel – there is a melancholic longing in its sound, yet a real sense of hope that drives it. It brings me peace and calm and always makes me look forward with a serene optimism. I can’t wait to bring this to a dancefloor at some point.

Listen on Youtube or cop the vinyl on Discogs!

One other thing

Writing in my notebook

When life gets tense or confusing, or even when it doesn’t, this is always my go-to and I try to keep it a daily ritual. Whether it’s impulsively noting my thoughts, recording the day’s events, or trying to understand how I feel about something, I never regret an hour of writing! I can be quite a fast-paced person and I’m always out and about, so it’s easy to lose touch with my thoughts if I’m not scribbling them down. Over the years, I have noticed that writing has massively strengthened my memory and helped me understand my thoughts and feelings with a depth I never had before. I can’t recommend it enough and remember, it should be for nobody but yourself. That’s when true meditation is felt.