If you go down to the Steez Café…

Every year the Steez Café is a hub of musical and lyrical energy – it’s the heart of listening, jamming, appreciating and discovering the unexpected at the festival, curated by members of the STEEZ community in SE London.

This year is no different, with an increased focus on jam-time, on bespoke sets and even some harps and double drumkit set-ups in the works from new bands and family musicians at the heart of this community. Have a read on to see what they’ve got in store, visually aided with posters courtesy of artist Matt Rogers.

Music Jams @ Steez Cafe, by Matt Rogers



The STEEZ team have dedicate more time than ever this year towards open spaces for your involvement, each curated to encourage a specific kind of creativity. These jams are a way of getting your funk out. The Space Jam is for those who can listen & play at the same time, who know how to delicately balance themselves in a groove & not take centre stage. The Headline Jam is for our favourite players to freak out for a couple hours. And we’ll just have to wait and see what the Upstairs Jam has to bring!

Jukebox Jam @ Steez Café, by Matt Rogers



The Jukebox Jam is an open deck for anybody with a few vinyl that don’t get played out through large systems. It could be the one piece of wax you own, the most prized one of your collection, or the dustiest record in your dad’s Frank Zappa collection. Whatever it is, you’re welcome to store it safely in our lock up over the weekend & bring it out to play on Sunday morning.


Verbs Jam @ Steez Café, by Matt Rogers



As an addition to their list of open spaces this year, the STEEZ team give you the Verbs Jam, a regular fixture of their gigs since the beginning. All vocalists are welcome to use the space for their poems or songs, away from the intensity & madness of the more musical jams. Come through & speak your piece!

Make sure you come through and immerse yourself over the weekend.

Verbs Jam, 2015 @ Steez Cafe, photo by Louise Harrison