Submissions are open for digital Hatch!

If you’re a performer looking to share a work-in-progress we’d love to hear from you!

Call Out 

Hatch is our cosy, rough-round-the-edges mixed bill event for sharing new ideas and works in progress. Whilst we can’t get together IRL, we’ve adapted to a digital format. We’ll be hosting five short performances of early-stage works in an online broadcast and collecting in audience feedback for each one, with the aim for artists to get useful insight on their developing work and make new creative connections.

We’re on the lookout for innovative theatre, cabaret, comedy, poetry, performance art and everything in between. Your submission can be a brand new idea that you’d like to get on it’s feet, or something you’ve been developing for a while that you think would benefit from an outing & some constructive  feedback.

How do I submit an idea?

If you’re interested in performing as part of the upcoming Hatch event please fill out this submission form by 6pm on Thursday 12th November. If you have trouble linking or uploading to the form send material to and please get in touch if you have any questions.

How will it work?

If your submission is chosen, we’ll ask you to record your 6-8 minute piece from your home – don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy, our team will support you to do this. We’ll then bring everyone’s work together in a digital broadcast, with a host to guide the audience through what they’re seeing and encourage them to respond, via an online form, to the feedback questions you provide.

What’s the offer?

  • £100 performing fee for each act
  • Support to produce a good quality recording of your work
  • A 6-8 minute performance slot in our next digital Hatch event
  • Feedback from the audience of the event, Brainchild producers & two external arts professionals
  • Advice/support from the Brainchild team on next stages for your work, including bespoke publicity 

When will it be?

Our next digital Hatch will be streamed at 8pm, Wednesday 9th Dec 2020 via Brainchild platforms.

What are we looking for?

  • Five acts, 6-8 minutes each in length
  • Original theatre, cabaret, comedy, poetry, performance art and everything in between – anyone willing to take risks and try something new
  • Work that is socially and/or politically engaged
  • Submissions that respond to, engage or experiment with the digital format
  • Interdisciplinary or hard-to-define work
  • Work that could become part of the wider Brainchild programme, including the 2021 festival – we’re always on the lookout for exciting ideas and to make new relationships with artists

There will be no paywall for the online event, but we will be asking for a suggested donation of £5 to put towards our event running costs.