We bring you… Infinity Fields!

A virtual festival webspace and dreamy portal into the real-time memories, mixes and magic of a Brainchild weekend. 

https://infinity.brainchildfestival.co.uk/ | live 18:00 Friday 10 –  08:30 Monday 13 July

While the pandemic continues to prevent us from getting together IRL in the Brainchild field, to connect with strangers and dance our hearts out, we’ve poured our energies into creating something very special that you can experience from home on our would-be weekend, 10-12th July.

Infinity Fields is a nostalgic & intimate online experience dedicated to everyone out there who is longing for festivals this summer and misses those glorious field dreams. Visitors to the site can log on at any time of day or night and be transported to Brainchild, immersed in real-time sights & sounds of the festival.

Through our many collaborations with talented emerging filmmakers over the years, we’ve managed to capture every single moment of the festival weekend – from the wake up coffee queue to swaying at sunset by the main stage, from the campsite DMCs to the epic euphoria of dancing til the early hours under a canopy of trees and the sweaty embrace of a crowd of beautiful strangers. This footage has become the fabric of Infinity Fields, playing 24 hours a day through the weekend in Morning, Afternoon, Magic Hour, Night Time & Early Hours segments.

Each night from 19.30 – 01.30 the site will stream original sets from 9 different DJs who were set to appear in 2020, along with trusted BC mainstays. You’ll be in the very safe hands of Ben Hauke, L.A.B. Collective, Fauzia, Footshooter, India Jordan, Jossy Mitsu, MLE, Maxwell Owin & Anja Ngozi, and Poly-Ritmo

Alongside the mixes & video, Infinity Fields will host a chatroom for the random interactions with new friends that are central to the Brainchild experience; a shop with some gorgeous new merch available for pre-order, and a bar where you can buy virtual drinks.

This is one for the big screen and speakers, we recommend you get your disco balls out and fairy lights up and recreate the festival dance-floor from you garden, bedroom or living room! We’ll be sharing our revered frozen margarita slushy recipe so you can all sip in style from home, and there will be collective festival ‘rituals’ to get involved with over the weekend, to inspire the shared moments of connection & joy that we’ll all miss this summer.

We’re currently running a Crowdfunder to raise the money we lost in pre-production for this year’s cancelled events. All donations made will help us to protect Brainchild’s future and ensure we can bring you the most special real-life festival ever next year.