We’re On Hiatus

Hello friends, it’s been a while hasn’t it? You may have noticed that since we cancelled the 2022 festival we’ve been a little quiet. Today we want to formally tell you that Brainchild is on hiatus: this means we won’t be running a 2023 festival, and we don’t know when exactly our next events will be.

It is sad, but it’s also good. We’re taking a break so that when we come back, what we make in the world will be powered by a pure and joyful intention. We want to reshape our projects so that they are more personally sustainable, and so that they really get to the heart of what we all need from our cultural and community get-togethers. 

Our founders have been keeping the Brainchild ship afloat and sailing for 10 years, since they were straight out of school, and in today’s tough climate for events (especially those run by grassroots organisations!), our nerves need a rest. The last few years have taken their toll, and we are taking time out to heal, to grow & learn from other organisations. 

But damn, we really, really miss you. And we really miss working with each other. We miss the abundant possibilities that come with planning this festival – the collective power of connecting to like minded people, holding space where we can be fully expressed and find joy on a dance-floor, inspiration in a workshop, or friendship huddled together in an art installation in a field. 

When we’re ready with what’s next, we dream of being able to reach you directly, without being as reliant on social media (honestly, screw this reductive algorithm!). So if you want to be there for when Brainchild returns, or be involved in shaping it, then please sign up to our new hot-line or special email list via the link in our bio.  

Sending all our love & good luck to you in whatever you’re up to.

Brainchild HQ  

P.S. Huge thank you to River Cousin for gifting us the beautiful graphic for this statement.