C&S – Sydney Heath & Charlie Murchinson

Charlie is a creative attempting to make from observing the torrents of happenings coming down from the peak of the cyber. Sydney explores monsters, myths and technology and how these things exist in our current climate.

“With tech entangled into our nervous systems, there is not much space left in mind or concrete where tech doesn’t harvest in utmost efficiency. This great collision of mind, matter and digital substance is where we place our viewing platform and make notes for our piece. We have a vision to create corridors of hectic colour, imagery and generally visual sensory bombardment.” The space will have several walls displaying imagery of the modern, inter-connected, hyper-active, quick consuming world. Hues of the news intertwined with internet garbage, as the line between the two dissipated a long time ago with the birth of “the wall” (Facebook). Giving the images and shapes a somewhat minor fictional functionality, these images will fuse together in a theme similar to the workings of our machines, with circuitry and ethereal connections we don’t quite understand but rely on.