Glows is the project of London-based audio-visual duo, GG Skips, of UK postpunk band Sorry, and audiovisual artist Felix Bayley-Higgins. Involved in the formation of the Slow Dance collective and label, they’ve experimented in all avenues of LondonArts and music scenes in recent years. From forming improvisational assemble EMU (Felix Raman, black midi, Cajm, Martha Skye Murphy) to creating and performing their works at the Royal Academy of Arts, they have been incubating at both ends of the spectrum. Glows was first the bedroom project of Skips who brought the show to Brainchild in 2020, driven by propulsive percussion and electronics, alongside translucent synths and soft vocals, the sound restlessly skits from orchestral to ambient to hardcore.

The current live performance is an entirely new audiovisual rave-tinged experience, echoing the live shows of Jon Hopkins, Bonobo and Fuck Buttons.

Since then the pair have performed at Brainchild’s most recent (online) Digs and it went OFF. The visuals and audio they put together, from crashing drum baselines, to flooding frenzied strobes, to vast introspective sonic landscapes, radiated pure NRG from start to finish. Expect nothing less from their set at the festival – this year closing out the live sets in the Kite Bar on Sunday night.