THE GIANT JEWELLERY BOX – Zoë Grainge, Niamh Lynch & Ratty Nye Davies

Zoë, Ratty and Niamh are Glasgow School of Art graduates working in London and Glasgow. Zoë, architectural designer, enjoys practicing at the overlap of architecture and other creative arts; a space that lends itself to playful and experimental design processes. Ratty’s practice is an endeavour in ‘world-building’, telling abstract narratives of trans*gender loss, betrayal and heartbreak through live performance, poetry, set-design and drawing. Niamh explores fantasy and melodrama through monologues and fairy tales, creating narrative worlds in her writing, 3d modelling and character building.

In a year where our glad rags have been gathering dust in the back of our wardrobes, The Giant Jewellery Box is an immersive space to celebrate the magic of glamour and the importance being together.