Tim Garcia

Tim Garcia runs the global music platform Musica Macondo which focuses on a wide range of music including Jazz, Latin, Afro, Eastern and Electronic sounds. Musica Macondo put on regular events at London’s best live music venue The Jazz Café, Camden reflecting everything from the burgeoning UK Jazz scene to Afrobeat to Latin sounds.

Musica Macondo is all about discovery and the magic they’d like to share with you is in the ever-changing shape of music from around the world; its roots, sounds, and influences.

Tim has amassed a deep understanding of music from all over the world through his obsession for crate digging – with one of his main passions being the permeation of the West African drum sound and how that has influenced subsequent genres.

As a DJ he can be seen playing at London’s best audiophile venues: Spiritland and Brilliant Corners along with DJing the UK club circuit.


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