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Damn it feels good to have these guys back here. In 2021 we worked with WOOM to curate a very special headline set. As somewhat Brainchild royalty, and having formed at the festival some years earlier, it only felt right for them to take on this homecoming, after being separated from you all for two years. But, it was not meant to be, as the day the festival opened the band were struck down with the dreaded c-word, and were able to come and play. When 2020 rocked around we knew there was only one thing for it – Woom’s Headline Show round 2! We are wishing for a peaceful delivery of them to our Brainstage, as they take on closing the festival, back in their rightful thrones.

For those of you who don’t know them yet, it’s quite hard to think of one word that perfectly pinpoints what WOOM do. Choir almost does the job, but despite being almost-acapella, it doesn’t fully characterise their magic. Lets just say for now: together as WOOM, Gray, Izzy, Lara and Alice are four voices. The four-part concept-choir have already amassed a passionate cult fanbase, including past touring partners like King KruleWhitney and The Big Moon who re-envisage songs in way that is at the same time new and familiar, delicate yet powerful. Their notoriety as a completely immersive, near-transcendental experience is fast becoming the stuff of indie folklore.

Their lush, harmony-laden vocal re-interpretations of songs by Frank OceanAngel Olsen & OutKast, amongst others, have become a WOOM calling card. They re-envisage in way that is at the same time new and familiar, delicate yet powerful. Comprising something of a supergroup of southeast London luminaries, WOOM includes members of BabeheavenArlo Day, Teeth MachineHesterThidius and Jerkcurb.

Do yourself a BIG favour and dig into their EP, Into the Rest. The first ever recorded WOOM songs, this record is a real treasure. Six back, relax. Dive in.