THOUSAND: An Anthology of Very Short Fiction


A collection of short stories from 20 talented and emerging writers, with seven beautiful illustrations. All stories are under 1000 words. B&W, 66 pages. Cover by Hector Plimmer.

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We did it! After months of editing & designing, on March 1st 2018 we published THOUSAND: An Anthology of Very Short Fiction.

Made up of 20 stories of 1,000 words or fewer from some of the most talented new writers around us, this collection of innovative fiction takes us from modern Melbourne to medieval France by way of Hornsea beach and the American Deep South.

It also features seven illustrations from brilliant artists including Gaurab Thakali, Alice Bloomfield and Andrew Werdna, and a cover design by our favourite producer + DJ come graphic designer Hector Plimmer.

by Alice Bloomfield


Stories edited by Leon Craig & Tris Rogers.

Full Contributors List: 

Writers: Emma Levin, Sam Boullier, Susanna Crossman, Camilla Balshaw, Karrish Devan, M. M. Cupernall, Felix Trench, Naomi Ishiguro, Bella Saltiel, Leon Craig, Zoe Hunter Gordon, Joe Jackson, Amanda Quinn, Olivia Ouwehand, Thomas Sanders, Henry St. Leger, Isobel MacLeod, Casey Heller, Tristan Rogers, Naomi Pacific.

Illustrators: Betty Woodhouse, Alice Bloomfield, Alastair Knowles-Lenoir, Sean Saul Rohr, Andrew Werdna, Holly O’Neil, Gaurab Thakali.

Bridge Through Time by Gaurab Thakali