Essential Remedies with In Flames

Our next instalment in the Essential Remedies series comes from our favourite fire starters In Flames AKA Ruby Kwasiba Savage and Josephine Chime.

Together, the two are an unstoppable duo of the dance! Their post-punk disco DJ sets are the stuff of legend, and we’ve been lucky enough to have them tear up the dancefloor at the festival, as well as at our huge Red Moon Safari club night last year. When they’re not throwing parties, IRL and on the airwaves, Josephine is a brilliant visual artist and Ruby is a creative direction label boss (including at Brownswood Recordings). Check out their monthly NTS show for some guaranteed HEAT, and stay up to date with their upcoming shenanigans on their insta page. 

Here are the Essential Remedies In Flames need you to know about:

One book

Lizzie Borden ‘Born in Flames’ 
Nuff books to read why not watch the movie BORN IN FLAMES by Lizzie Borden! Our greatest inspiration…Borden’s dizzying, doc-style feminist sci-fi is set in New York ten years after a peaceful socialist revolution has rendered all men equal, leaving women to pick up the battle. It focuses on two feminist groups, each voicing their concerns via pirate radio. Tricky issues of class, racism and sexism are broached throughout with confidence and post-punk swagger.

You can rent Born in Flames on Vimeo.

One record

Kamasi Washington Heaven and Earth (Young Turk Recordings)
Kamasi Washington’s epic album Heaven and Earth is drenched in soul soaring music and reflective quiet moments. The track off the album; Show Us The Way would make a sensational soundtrack for a Hollywood musical with all the dancing and throwing of bodies that is humanly possible.

Listen on bandcamp.

One more thing

This year has been all about purging what is no longer of use to you so the one other thing we’d recommend is a box of matches, to burn things down. You know…like the patriarchy. And white supremacy and shitty exes.