Quote Poster Series: Peach Doble’s key messages from our discussions at the 2019 festival


Back in the simpler times of 2019 we invited artist Peach Doble and her colourful tools to our festival to make an artistic response to our talks sessions. We have a larger project on the way soon, but as that was taking shape, we noticed some particularly powerful words and messages emerging and felt they needed their own space.

Whilst Peach’s methods are full of light, many of these messages speak to the hardship and adversity experienced in our world, and struck a chord with the parts of us that want to be actively involved in shaping change. Every year the incredible speakers that come to our festival equip us with the knowledge to better fight for our values and make us feel invigorated to do so – we hope you can draw strength from their words too!

This hand-picked collection, brought to life in Peach’s bright and beautiful ways, was shared in three sets over three consecutive days. Get the story on the speakers behind the talks below.


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Talk: Rave To Resist ⚡️  Three artists pushing the boundaries of clubbing: Ben Bishop (inner u), Madison Moore (Opulence) and Aisha Mirza of Misery Party looked beyond the ephemeral raves of the 90s to reflect on community, partying and social change in Brexit Britain, chaired by Anjali Prashar-Savoie.

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Talk: Food for Connection ?  The Shared Plate is a community interest catering company who believe the right to good food should be shared by all and shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet or the lives

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Talk: Re-Imagining Grief ?  A conversation that brought together artists
Ed Haslam, James Rowland, Jessica Butcher & Zoe Hunter-Gordon, to ask how can we support one another through grief, and how engaging with the reality of death changes the way we live.

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Talk: Travis Alabanza – The End of Gender ?  A moving part-performance, part-lecture from our hero, the magnetic, multi-talented performance artist, writer and theatre-maker Travis Alabanza. One of the most special Brainchild memories of recent years where Travis opened up about the fight for freedom for those on the margins. They cultivated a safe space in which to explore alternative masculinities and imagine a world beyond gender norms, where the road to black trans liberation means freedom for everybody.

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Talk: Approaches to Activism?  A led discussion from BC team member & writer Bridget Minamore about the ties between activism and direct action, and the best way for us all to make lasting change.

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Talk: Introduction to Activism from Sisters Uncut ?  Powerful words from Aviah Sarah Day of the direct action support group for women experiencing domestic violence Sisters Uncut.